3/18/2007 - Fixed Links

Site is back online and I have fixed most of the broken links ;)

4/12/2004 - All is quiet at Jimbo's Mappage

Only 8 months between updates, cmon that's nothin.

I've been playing with my counterstrike server [] during the past months, learning freebsd, apache, mysql, etc.
Some mapping has occured, but nothing releasable yet.

In other news, I have relocated to a new college, pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science. My first semester here is almost over and I'm now searching for a summer job.
If anyone knows of an opening (pc repair, networking, whatever) for someone with A+ and almost a CCNA in the Lynchburg, Virginia area mail me.

(Bleah! what a boring, informative news post, hopefully next time I'll actually have some content to put in here, at least a joke or something ;)

8/14/2003 - Summer is almost over. :(

And I've finished de_doom1. :)
Work continues on the Q1SP that I started during Q1TM2,
It is a Lun/czg05/doomesque base theme and is
about 75% complete.

5/8/2003 - Semester Break At Last :)

My exams are finally over, and I've been mapping again. I'm still working on the Q1SP map I started for Q1TM2. Also, I'm almost finished with a CS map De_Doom1, I've entirely rebuilt Doom 1 E1M1 as a DE map for CS [Screenshot].

12/17/2002 - Q1TM2 !

I Started a small SP map on tuesday evening, for Q1TM2 1 screenshot here. Bad news:I might not have time to finish it by the deadline because of exams and things :(
Good news: It might turn into a proper Q1SP when
I do end up finishing it

12/1/2002 - Sigh, school :(

It's been 3 months since I touched a map editor,
I'm planning to do something over Christmas break if I have time though.
(maybe a small q1sp?)
Alas, Qmap is b0rked hopefully
Peej can fix it when he returns.

9/2/2002 - New site design in PHP

I've recoded almost my entire site in PHP, to make it easier to update.
since it's modular I can change the look of the page alot easier. :)

8/10/2002 - New Host, Thank You Electro!

Electro Offered to host me here at

So here I am.

Thanks Electro :)

(The redirect is still

7/30/2002 - DOH! ARGH! #$^$%^%∓!

DOH! texture cache/mismatch error in the q1tm pack version of Revenge of the Blue moon.
Fixed version [ here ]
[ Mirror ]

07-28-02 - New Q1DM map released

Revenge of the Blue Moon released :) screenies and details here.

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