7/28/2002 - Revenge of the Blue Moon

Revenge of the Blue Moon

This is a Q1DM Turtle map made in 1 week.
Small/Medium sized Q1DM Decorated with IKblue Textures.
You can get the complete TM pack [HERE]
or see the website [HERE]
the version included in the Pack has a texture cache/mismatch error the fixed version is linked below.
[] (356k)[TXT]
8/15/01 - Cobalt Cathexis

Cobalt Cathexis
This is my first released Q1DM,
Plays best with up to 4-6 players
[] (245k)[TXT]
8/15/2003 - De_doom1


This Is the first CounterStrike Map I ever Made,
It is a conversion of DO0M 1's E1M1 to a DE map,
hope you like it :)
[] (5megs) [TXT]

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